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BrainBot is an intelligent chatbot that sends short, periodic interactions to help you retain knowledge from selected training courses from Bigger Brains, or courses from your organization.

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Why Use a Brain Booster?

Have you ever taken a great class and then realized that, just a week or two later, you can’t remember 90% of what you learned in the class? This is the Ebbinghaus Forgetting Curve, and it’s entirely normal. To teach our brains what information is important (and should be kept around) requires meaningful use before the knowledge dissipates – and that’s where our Brain Boosts come in.

Approximately once a day (or less) you’ll receive a communication from BrainBot, with a question, interaction, or reinforcement tool based on the key takeaways from your selected training course.

It’s NOT an exam – there is no grade or score, just interesting and constructive questions, articles, and more to help you retain your new knowledge.

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