The Ultimate Learning App for Training Reinforcement,
Drip-Feed Learning, Spaced Repetition, and More!

  • Boost training retention and engagement
  • Encourage application and feedback
  • Deliver training or reinforcement in scheduled, bite-sized interactions (nudge learning)
  • Received in the natural flow of work via email, Teams, Webex, or Slack
  • Seven different interaction types, including AI text questions!


as a gift to the Learning & Development community from Bigger Brains as part of our “Uniquely Engaging” eLearning solutions.

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BrainBot Works In:

Four Ways To Use BrainBot:


The Ebbinghaus forgetting curve shows just how quickly our brains forget new knowledge – unless it’s reinforced!
BrainBot sends periodic Booster interactions, which can include seven kinds of multiple choice and text questions as well as videos, links, images, and more.
By triggering our brains to think meaningfully about the key points we've learned, it cues our brains to keep our new knowledge, boosting the retention and ROI of our learning activities.


Learning shouldn't be a one-and-done event!
BrainBot's drip-feed learning abilities send eLearning lessons to learners on a scheduled basis, including videos, text, links, questions, and more.
Learners receive the lessons in their workflow via Teams, Webex, Slack, or email, and can choose to complete multiple lessons at once or wait for the next scheduled interaction.
Nudge-learning lessons can be created in BrainBot or initiated from the Bigger Brains' BrainStation LMS

and Surveys

Traditional feedback surveys capture information immediately after a class or other learning event, when the information is fresh and the learner is excited.
But will the learning stick? Will the learner be able to apply it when they get back to the real world?
Using BrainBot for Assessments and Surveys allows you to capture information from learners on a scheduled basis days or weeks after a learning event.
Use “Open Text” interactions to gather honest comments and feedback over time!

Bigger Brains

Bigger Brains produces an award-winning library of eLearning courses, with a “Uniquely Engaging” video-based style.
Many Bigger Brains courses include pre-designed and customizable BrainBot boosters to help reinforce the key points of each course, sent periodically to the learner over several weeks after completing the course.
Bigger Brains courses can also be delivered via BrainBot's drip-feed learning capability through the BrainStation LMS!

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